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6:00p.m. - 7:30p.m. and we will send you the meeting admission details.
Bible Study starts at 6:30p.m..


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    Directions to Joel Brooks Studio

    Driving from Lester Vaughn Secondary School going towards Harrison’s Cave:

    -Pass Lester Vaughn Secondary School and playing fields on left.

    -Pass another playing field called “Bridge Field Playing Field” on left with BRC Pavilion.

    -Drive through small village called “Bridge Field”.

    -After passing through Bridge Field, continue until you reach a small triangle in the road.

    -Take the RIGHT-TURN at the triangle.

    -After taking the RIGHT-TURN at the triangle skip the first left-turn (Hopewell Tenantry) and take the SECOND LEFT-TURN, up a very straight long road called “Ashford Long Road”.

    -Continue on this main road. Eventually you will pass Holy Innocents Primary School and Church on Left.

    -After passing Holy Innocents Primary School and Church you will see a small roundabout.  Take the RIGHT-TURN at the roundabout.

    -After taking the RIGHT-TURN at the roundabout, the St. Thomas Post Office will be on your left.

    -Continue along this main road and begin to count the bus-stops ON THE LEFT.

    -The 1ST BUS-STOP on the left is just beyond the Post Office, next to the recreational park also on the left.

    -The 2ND BUS-STOP on the left is beside a blue, two-story building. (Steve’s Building Works)

    -As you continue, the main road will begin to veer to the left and up a small hill.

    -You will then meet the 3RD BUS-STOP on the left.

    -When you have reached the 3RD BUS-STOP on the left you may begin to slow down.

    -Slowly drive to the top of the hill.  As soon as you reach the top of the hill you will see the 4th BUS-STOP ON THE LEFT.  At this point, you may pull your vehicle over to the left and stop.

    -The house that you are looking for is the house opposite the 4TH BUS-STOP on the right hand side of the road.  The house is being renovated and has coral stone rendering on the outside.

    at: 266-3709